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Thursday, 3 Sya'ban 1439 H (Thursday, 19 April 2018)

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Jakarta Timur City - DKI Jakarta - Indonesia


A. Brief Information

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah-TMII (literally translated into Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park) is a miniature park where the entire Indonesia is depicted briefly in a single area with beautiful and distinctive features within. TMII was deliberately built as a venue to provide a brief description about the Indonesian diversity including its culture to the people publicly. As a tourist destination, TMII is categorized elegance as it stands upon a 165-ha wide land in the most densely populated city in Indonesia, Jakarta, more specifically South Jakarta. The land was formerly the local inhabitants` faming lands before they were transformed into Taman Mini Indonesia Indah.

The establishment of TMII came out of an idea from Madame Siti Hartinah (nicknamed Tien Soeharto), the wife of Indonesia`s second president Soeharto. It was the result of a meeting held at the president Soeharto`s house at Cendana Street on March 13th, 1970. Madame Tien Soeharto proposed an idea of establishing a recreational site that might be functioned to strengthen and maintain the unity of Indonesia as well as to introduce the diverse culture, adat and customs, and the behaviour of Indonesians to the Indonesia people alone and foreigners of course. The proposed idea was accepted by the forum; thus the project of TMII was conducted by Harapan Kita Foundation upon the presidential decree number SK B-1 04/Pres/8/1971 dated on August 20th, 1971. TMII was finished in 1975 and opened officially for public visit on April 20th, 1975 by Madame Tien Soeharto. Chosen as the mascot of TMII is a white monkey of Hanoman named NITRA (Anjani Putra) that mostly found in the puppetry shadow stories.

The mascot of TMII, a white monkey of Hanoman named NITRA
Photo: BornJavanese

Since first developed, TMII has gained a number of prestigious awards either from domestic or international tourism boards. TMII was awarded for the best tourist destination by the provincial government of Jakarta in 1976, 1977, 1978, 1981, 1991, 1992, 1993, and 1995. It was once honoured with Golden Award by Pacific Asian Travel Association (PATA) in 1987. Another prestigious award was also gained from the Republic of Indonesia in the category of small industry empowerment in 1990.

B. Distinctive Features

As an integrated tourist destination that attempt to give a brief sight of Indonesia, TMII offers harmoniously interesting mixture of traditional and modern architectures as well as its attraction, entertainment, service, and events held there. This is the best place for catch a very brief overview of Indonesian cultural heritages; encompassing the arts, traditions, adat and customs, ritual ceremonies, and traditional sports. Even more, it offers you with out door recreation sensation with the green field land covering almost the entire areas.

Just a miniature of islands in Indonesia on an artificial lake

Since first opened, TMII has been completed with some supporting facilities to boost your unforgettable experience during the visit to TMII. Those facilities are:

To hang around this 165-ha wide tourist destination, you`ll need to take transportation services provided by the site management. There are various transport modes available in TMII; those are listed below:

General Modes of Transport

There are rented buses, cars, and bicycles with various costs available for you. The cost for taking rented bicycles is IDR 1,000 per 30 minutes; while the rented cars cost about IDR 30,000 per hour. If you are along with a number of people to visit TMII, you are allowed to rent buses with cost about IDR 75,000 per hour. 15% of discount will be granted for an group of more than 30 people (June 2008).

SHS 23 Indonesian Aeromovel

Aeromovel, or locally called Titihan Samirono (ancient Javanese), is a monorail transportation mode that moves using aero forces. It operates only on weekend, and costs about IDR 8,500 per person (June 2008). In addition, the first monorail in the world was first introduced in Brazil.

Titihan Samirono Monorail

Sky Lift

Sky lift is the most wanted transport mode amongst the visitors of TMII. It`s normal as you`ll be offered with a wonderfully enchanting view of the artificial Indonesia Islands on an artificial lake. There are three sky lift stations in the TMII; that of A-B-C, B-C-A, and C-B-C. It costs about IDR 20,000 per person. There will be discount for a group of more than 20 people. However, there are no discounts on holidays or Sunday (June 2008).

Sky Lift

Mini Train

When getting bored with Sky Lift, you can take another transport mode of mini train. The cost for taking this service is IDR 4,000 per person (June 2008).

Mini Train in the TMII

Art performances and cultural shows are often held in every single province pavilion, mostly on holidays. It shows various traditional arts as well as cultural events that best describe the real facts about the local cultures from 33 provinces in Indonesia. It is usually packed in traditional handicrafts, adat ceremonies, ritual shows and culinary exhibition.

Some festivals, traditional dances and songs, are routinely held in the TMII as well. They are held mostly on the anniversary of TMII, school holidays, New Year holiday, Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Adha, and the Islamic New Year as well as the Chinese New Year.

Just another traditional art show in the TMII

Another uniquely interesting service in the TMII is cultural information consultation service. This can be found in the museum of Pusakaranya, where you might ask whatever about Indonesian traditional daggers. In some occasions, you will get free traditional healing in several province pavilions. There is also cultural consultation, especially on traditional marriage that allows you to gain a lot of information about the traditional marriages in some provinces in Indonesia.

C. Location

The entire area of the TMII is administratively located at four villages and three sub-districts; Bambu Apus and Ceger villages of Cipayung Sub-district, Kampung Dukuh of Kramatdjati Sub-district, and Pinang Rantu of Kampung Makassar Sub-district. It lies at Pondok Gede Street, East Jakarta, Indonesia.

D. Access

Some busses pass by the TMII; thus you`ll get ease off to reach the location from every corner of Jakarta City. Here are some busses passing by the TMII:

E. Ticket Price

The ticket price for entering the TMII is IDR 9,000 per person. Note that the price may change whenever based on the current policy from the TMII management. There are some additional costs for taking private transport, that of IDR 1,000 for those taking bicycles, IDR 6,000 for motor cycles, IDR 10,000 for cars, and IDR 15,000 for busses of trucks. Discount will be available only after a letter of visit attendance is sent two days before the D-day of visit.

The TMII is open seven days in a week starting from 8 A.M. until 17 P.M. Special events like shadow puppetry shows and traditional dancing performances are held mostly after that time.  

F. Accommodation and other Facilities

Some supporting facilities have been available here either since the first time it was established or recently. There you will find:

Caping Gunung Restaurant

The restaurant`s location is precisely in front of the miniature of Indonesian Archipelago. It has caping-like architecture; thus was named Caping Gunung, a Javanese farmers` traditional head coverings made woven bamboo of broad conical shape. This is the best place for those getting hungry; while can still enjoy the scenery of the miniature of Indonesian Archipelago. It offers special comfort wherein the lighting employs the sunlight passing through the translucent roof.

Caping Gunung Restaurant
Photo: DilipDas

Pasar Tiban (Shocked Market)

There is a vendor street where a number of people peddle their goods in reasonable price. It was named tiban (shocked) just because they are not permanent peddlers occupying vendors in the TMII. They go working selling their goods only in certain days in the same time.

Village Tour

If you get bored with the crowded city life of Jakarta, the TMII offers you the best place for escaping away from such trouble, that of village tour. There you can spend nights at some inns, about 31 inns. The village might accommodate about 416 people in a single place. There is a meeting hall, which might accommodated about 400 people within that might be used for conducting seminar, public discussion, and many other events.

Graha Wisata Remaja (Youth Inn)

Graha Wisata Remaja is an inn complex for students or middle-lower class people who want spend some night in the TMII. With reasonable price, you could still enjoy some fascinating facilities to enhance your comfort during the visit to the TMII. Likewise, the location is nearby some other important facilities like restaurant, swimming pool, and Sky Lift station.

Padepokan Pencak Silat

In this place, you can directly watch the daily exercises of Indonesian pencak silat (martial art) nearby a reasonable-priced inn.

Gedung Pengelolaan

Gedung Pengelolaan is the office for TMII administrative management. This is the place where all the administrations about the TMII are conducted. It has three storeys with three entrance doors, one front door and two side doors.

Tourist Information Centre

If you are requiring some detailed information about the TMII, so here is the right place. There are some officials who will warmly tell you all about the TMII.

Health Care Service

There is health care service in the TMII just in case there are people getting sick at the visit to the TMII. It gives the best health care service with reasonable price of course.

Police Station

The police station of the TMII will be ready at all times to give the best service for you who need it.

Firefighter Department

Just in case there is a smell of fire in certain locations in the TMII, you are suggested to contact the firefighter department of the TMII. They are ready 24 hours to serve.

Electricity Station

A small-scale electricity station was built in the location of the TMII to distribute the electricity to every corner of the TMII.

Pelangi Nusantara Radio Station

This radio station is active in promoting and giving the latest information about the TMII to the public.

Padepokan Taman Mini

There is no day-off for the employees of the TMII. They work seven days in a week; thus it is necessary to have a housing complex for the employees of the TMII. The housing complex was named Padepokan Taman Mini.

Irfan Afifi (wm/30/07-08)

Translated by Irfan Nugroho (wm/30/04-09)


Photo Credit: Aimi.Mukhlis

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